How to dress modestly in summer? Look at these cute modest summer outfits!

As the temperature rises, so does the struggle to maintain modesty in your wardrobe. But just because it's hot outside doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your values or style. Whether you're headed to the beach, a barbecue, or simply running errands, there are plenty of ways to dress modestly and comfortably this summer. In this blog post, we'll share some tips and tricks for keeping covered up without overheating - so grab your sunscreen and let's get started!

Cute Modest Summer Outfits

When the weather gets warm, it can be a challenge to find outfits that are both cute and modest. But with a little creativity, it is possible to put together modest summer outfits that are both stylish and comfortable.

One option for a cute and modest summer outfit is a white or pastel frilled maxi dress. Maxi dresses can be found in a variety of colors and patterns, and they offer a great way to stay cool while still being covered up. Black dress has a touch of mystery, combined with tan of white coffee color becomes more tender. Color blocs are trendy for a few last years giving you that 60ths vibe. If you want to show off your shoulders, look for a maxi dress with straps or sleeves. And if you want something a little more formal, there are many long dresses that would work well for summer events.


Cute Summer Outfits | Long Modest Black & Cream Summer Dress | Cute Modest Summer Dress



Another option for modest summer dressing is a skirt or shorts paired with a blouse or top. Again, there are many different styles of skirts and shorts available, so you should have no trouble finding something that suits your taste. For example, you could go for a flowing skirt or some denim shorts. And when it comes to tops, there are lots of options out there as well – from sleeveless blouses to pretty printed shirts.

Summer modest clothing, cute modest outfits for summer, modest co ord set black pants with kaftan top



If you’re looking for something a bit more casual, why not try some cropped pants or capri pants? These can be teamed with a tank top or t-shirt for a relaxed look that’s still put together. And don’t forget about accessories! A scarf or statement necklace can really help to elevate an outfit.


Boho Modest Summer


Bohemian kaftans and dresses, often white, frilled, with a lot of ethnic motifs, neckless and bracelets are perfect feminine and modest choice for summer. This spirit-inspired fashion never looks naked and cheap. 

This Chenille blog post covers unique boho summer outfit ideas


Boho Summer Outfits - Long Boho Modest White Dress


Fresh Tie Dye Designs for Summer


Tie Dye your summer with these unique and fresh designs. Tie Dye is the biggest summer trend 2023, perfectly matched with modest capes, dresses, kaftans and tunics. No two tie-dye designs are the same, but always unique with a creative or hippy touch.


Tie Dye Kaftan | Tie Dye Design for Summer | Long Modest Tie Dye Kaftan



Cute & Trendy Modest Beach Wear


Long cape in white, black, white coffee color, beige or tie dye can make your summer day on the beach perfectly trendy and modest at the same time. You will collect all regards on you when you walk in the beach club in this Bloom beige cape dress.

Modest beach wear | Long modest beach cape beige | Modest beach outfit
Which one of these unique and cute modest summer outfits is your choice?

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