How to fold a thobe?

How to fold a thobe? White designer thobe - a man wearing a white thobe



Folding a thobe is a simple process. Follow these steps for a neat and organized fold:

  1. Prepare a Flat Surface: Start by finding a clean, flat surface like a table or bed.

  2. Button Up: If your thobe has buttons, fasten them all. This helps maintain its shape while folding.

  3. Lay It Flat: Spread the thobe out on the surface with the front side facing down. Ensure that it's as flat and smooth as possible.

  4. Fold the Sleeves: Fold both sleeves towards the center of the thobe. They should overlap in the middle.

  5. Fold in Half: Fold the thobe in half from top to bottom, aligning the shoulders and the sides.

  6. Optional: Fold Again: Depending on the length of the thobe and the storage space available, you can fold it in half once more, or leave it as is.

  7. Store or Pack: Place the folded thobe in a storage space or suitcase, if needed.

Remember to handle the thobe gently to avoid wrinkles, especially if it's made from delicate fabrics. This basic folding technique should keep your thobe neat and organized for storage or travel.

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How to fold a thobe?

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