As common people, one does not often delve into the meaning of everything, especially not when it comes to names. How many times have people asked you what your name signified? With experience, I’d say not many and the same goes for a brand name perhaps. People don’t delve into the meanings hidden behind names as often because after all, “what’s in a name?” But here is something we at Chenille believe, a name could actually mean everything. Chenille, a word that means velvet in the Persian language. Velvet, widely associated to the dress fabric that is closely woven together in thick short piles. Velvet is often considered as classy and widely associated with ‘smooth and soft’
So, maybe velvet isn’t just fabric, beneath the short piles there lies more.

Velvet for us lies in the significance given to it’s association with elegancy cause that’s what modesty brings.

Velvet is simply not a fabric but materials woven together in short piles, it is the accumulation of the hard work, stitches and intricacy that’s woven together in every outfit we create.

Velvet is the smoothness that comes out of the different materials we use and the softness beneath each fabric.

Velvet is the material soft cushions are often made of, ones that are as comfortable as the thobes and dresses in the making.

Velvet is fine, and precise, the kind of tediousness that lies beneath each handwork and embroidery.

Velvet is the association of classiness and for us that signifies the bridge where fashion meets modesty.

Velvet was the noble shine of the renaissance era, and they say we learn from history and for us it’s been the mergence and mixes of traditional with modernity because velvet is evergreen even though it’s best suited in a shade of maroon.

Velvet is woven together with two fibers that weaves the two at the same time. Velvet is the combination of two equal aspects, because that’s how fashion and modesty work hand in hand.

Velvet production began from Baghdad and routed out to places as far as Cairo and Kashmir. Maybe what velvet also signifies is the connection it finds in various parts of the world.

The origination of velvet was known as a rich work of art because that’s what it is, velvet is art and Chenille is the coming together of art with fashion. Because handworks and embroideries, pearls and bordering, belts and strings, mixed patterns and playful prints, are nothing but the work of art coming together with fashion.

Velvet is not just the fabric that I’d pick as my favorite, Velvet is Chenille. Chenille is Velvet and everything that lies beneath it. “What’s in a name?” they say? Think again.



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