What to wear under a thobe?


What to wear under a thobe? A man wearing a blue formal thobe | Designer navy-blue thobe


What you wear under a thobe largely depends on personal preference, cultural norms, and the specific occasion. Here are some common options:


Traditional Undergarments:

Izaar: This is a traditional lower garment worn in many Middle Eastern and South Asian countries. It is similar to a sarong or a wrap-around skirt.

Sirwal: A loose-fitting trouser worn underneath the thobe in some regions.

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Thobe undershirt:

A simple, short-sleeved undershirt or t-shirt can be worn for comfort and to absorb sweat.


Underwear to wear with a thobe:

Wear your usual underwear for comfort and support.


Thobe accessories:

Ghutra (Headscarf) and Agal: These are often worn along with the thobe, depending on the cultural norms and personal preference.

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Socks & shoes to wear with a thobe :

If you're wearing closed shoes, wear a pair of socks.

Depending on the occasion, you might wear traditional shoes like sandals or more formal shoes.

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Remember to choose undergarments that are comfortable and breathable, especially if you'll be wearing the thobe in warm climates. It's also a good idea to match the colors of your undergarments to the thobe to maintain a cohesive look.


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What to wear with a thobe?


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