Winter Abaya Designs - How to Wear Abaya in Winter?


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Should you wear black abaya in winter?

Probably no - we prepare a wide range of designer items that can perfectly fit any style. 

Let's see how to be modest this winter 2024!

Winter abaya designs often focus on incorporating elements that provide warmth, comfort, and style. Here are some popular winter abaya designs and features:

Warm Fabrics:
Choose abayas made from warm and insulating fabrics such as wool, jersey, thick cotton, or blends that offer comfort in cold weather.

Layered Abayas:
Abayas with built-in layers or those designed to be easily layered with inner garments provide extra warmth without compromising style.

Hooded Abayas:
Abayas with hoods offer additional protection for the head and neck, providing extra warmth during chilly weather.

Quilted Abayas:
Quilted abayas, featuring quilted patterns or padding, provide insulation and a cozy feel, making them ideal for winter.

Velvet or Velour Abayas:
Velvet and velour fabrics are not only luxurious but also provide warmth. Consider abayas made from these materials for a winter-friendly option.

Thermal Lining:
Some winter abayas come with a thermal lining that adds an extra layer of warmth without compromising the overall design.

Embroidery and Embellishments:
Winter abayas can incorporate embroidery or embellishments in a way that complements the season, such as snowflake patterns or winter-inspired designs.

Cape Style Abayas:
Abayas with cape-style designs add a touch of elegance and can also provide additional warmth around the shoulders.

Earth Tones and Dark Colors:
Dark colors, not only black but deep burgundy, navy, or olive green also, not only look stylish but also absorb and retain heat, making them suitable for winter.

Belted or Wrap Styles:
Abayas with belts or wrap designs allow for a more tailored fit and provide an extra layer around the waist for warmth.

Ribbed Knit Accents:
Abayas with ribbed knit accents, such as sleeves or panels, add a cozy and textured element to the design.

Remember to choose a winter abaya that suits your personal style preferences, local climate, and the level of warmth you need. Additionally, paying attention to the details, such as trims, accessories, and embellishments, can enhance the overall winter look of the abaya.

Wearing an abaya in winter requires some thoughtful considerations to stay warm while maintaining modesty. Here are some tips on how to wear an abaya during the colder months:

Choose Warm Fabrics and more over, Warm Colors

At least from time to time, make your look gorgeous. Black is always in, minimalist, looks professional, modest and even mysterious, but when you want to break out the day, choose something rich and unique.


Opt for abayas made from warm and insulating fabrics such as wool, thick cotton, or synthetic materials that provide adequate warmth.

Add a Warm Headscarf or Hijab

Wrap a warm headscarf or hijab around your head and neck to protect against the cold. Consider materials like wool or knit for added insulation.

Wear a Warm Inner Garment:

Consider wearing a warm inner garment or a thin coat underneath the abaya for extra insulation.


Accessorize with Gloves and Boots:

Wear gloves and ankle or knee-high boots to keep your hands and feet warm. This also adds a stylish touch to your winter abaya ensemble.

Consider a Hooded Abaya:

If you do not even have it, choose an abaya with a hood. This can provide extra warmth for your head and neck.

Invest in a Winter Abaya Online:

Some brands offer abayas specifically designed for winter, featuring thicker materials, insulation, and additional details for cold weather.

Use a Warm Abaya Wrap or Shawl:

Wrap a warm shawl or a winter-specific abaya wrap around your shoulders for additional warmth when needed.


Choose Loose-Fitting Styles:

Loose-fitting abayas allow for layering without compromising comfort or modesty. They also provide better air circulation, helping to regulate body temperature.

Accessorize with a Belt:

Add a stylish belt to your abaya to create a more fitted look. This can also help trap heat around the waist.

Consider a High Neckline:

Abayas with higher necklines can provide additional coverage and warmth. You can also layer a high-necked undershirt for added insulation.

Remember, personal comfort and individual preferences play a significant role in how you choose to style and wear your abaya in winter. It's essential to strike a balance between staying warm and maintaining modesty, and you can adapt these tips based on your local climate and personal style preferences.

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